linux-tx09: Update kernel and configuration, fix USB host support
[meta-tx09.git] / conf /
2018-08-13 Florian Boortopasa900: fix UBI header offset and leb size, add...
2018-08-11 Florian Boorlocal.conf.sample: disable gobject introspection for...
2018-08-10 Florian Boortopas910: add support for old topas910 eval board
2018-08-10 Florian Boortopasa900: set OLDEST_KERNEL due to old kernel support.
2018-08-02 Florian BoorRename premirror to local-sources, improve formating.
2018-08-02 Florian Boorsdkdefaults.conf: KC SDK default settings
2018-08-02 Florian Boor*conf.sample: Add config templates for Yocto BSP
2013-05-30 Florian BoorConfiguration for TopasA900 with UBI support.
2013-05-30 Florian BoorAdd configuration for new TX09 layer